Rob is the Director of the Relational Schools Foundation. A former Assistant Principal at Thurston Community College in Suffolk, he has been working in education for over eighteen years with a range of leadership roles in schools throughout Essex and Cambridgeshire. Having studied English and Education at Cambridge in 2001, and going on to complete his doctorate in educational research 2015, his areas of specialism include schooling and exclusion, the family and community dimensions of social exclusion and school improvement and education structures and organisation. Having founded Relational Schools Project in 2014, Robert researches, writes and speaks on the importance of fostering positive relationships between key stakeholders in schools.

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Doing well by doing art

School improvement and school effectiveness research consistently shows that parental engagement is one of the key factors in promoting student achievement. Schools that improve and sustain improvement, engage the community and build strong links with parents. Where schools build positive relationships with parents and work actively to embrace racial, religious, and ethnic and language differences, evidence of sustained school improvement can be found (Goodall and Vorhaus, 2010).

Believing that families can, and do, play a vital role in a child’s education, this session draws heavily on the excellent work of the Artsbase project which was designed to forge strong links between school and home and to improve pupil learning and increase engagement in culture. To achieve this, the project aimed to improve parental engagement; raise aspirations, confidence and self esteem of children and their carers; and increase and improve arts activity within schools.

The workshop was facilitated by Rob Loe from Relational Schools, Sophie Fox and Alex Casey from Suffolk Artlink.

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