Impington Village College

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Age range: 11-18

Region: Cambridgeshire

Impington Village College is a mixed Secondary school and Sixth Form. Arts Lead Alison Elmslie is part of the Festival Bridge CALSA programme (Cultural & Arts Leaders in Schools and Academies) supporting both her own school and others in providing an excellent arts and cultural provision to their students.

“We have, through the Artsmark process raised the focus of the Arts within governors, the senior and middle leadership of our school. Within the Arts faculties we have pegged the importance in our own minds too; when you do the job every day it’s possible to lose the significance of just how vital the Arts are to the lives of young people, now more than ever. We are also focusing on looking outwards to other colleges and arts organisations not just through joint workshops and activities, but by offering our expertise to other schools including our feeder primaries to widen their Arts provision and, in one case, to support their Artsmark process.” Alison Elmslie, CALSA at Impington VC

“Performing Arts is literally everything I do day after day. It lets me express myself. I was shy when I was younger because of the abuse I’d had, and thanks to Performing Arts I’ve really opened up to be a better person, and know what other people are feeling, and I’ve been making great connections with people so much and I can’t imagine not performing and not seeing these people every day’. I can’t imagine my life without performing arts, it’s given me so much confidence and keeps me active and healthy. It gives me a chance to step into someone else’s shoes and is a great way to connect with people, and allowed me to make strong friendships.” Student at Impington VC


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