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There are lots of careers in the creative industries. Not only are we the fastest growing sector in the economy, with 900,000 new jobs forecast by 2030, we’re the sector that’s least at risk from automation. We have myriad occupations suited to those who are creative, technical, scientific, mathematical, caring, people-focused (and not), administrative and/or business-minded.  We are for EVERYONE!

Creating the Future brings together a series of films where you can hear from professionals who live and work in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Peterborough from across the creative industries.

They will help you explore the breadth of careers in the creative industries; share what it’s like to have a creative career and the skills you need for the job; and you can hear from employers about how important creative skills are for them.

The films are aimed at Year 8 and upwards, including sixth-form and further education Students working towards Silver or Gold Arts Awards might also find these films a useful means of researching and responding to the work and career pathways of creative practitioners.

The Creative East - Film

New Anglia LEP, Norwich University of the Arts, NEACO, University of Suffolk, Festival Bridge and other partners have co-created a short film with young emerging professionals on the topic of Creative Careers in East Anglia. Scripted and tailored by young people for young people.

The film features a broad range of local arts professionals and provides information, stats, reassurance, and inspiration to young people considering a creative career. It can be used as a “snapshot” standalone introduction to creative careers in the region, as well as a preparation and catalyst for workshops, careers sessions, discussions, and other work both in and beyond school.

Do you want to know more about creative careers in the East?

Then watch our Creating the Future  – Live Interview Series playlist, which is a compilation video of interviews with a variety of creative professionals in the East, including Filmmakers, Publishers, Illustrators, Designers, Producers and many more.  This will provide you with tops tips, insight and inspiration about a variety of careers that are out there.

Creating the Future  - Live Interview Series Playlist

Explore the creative industries.

The Creative Industries penetrate our lives each and every day… you can find out more by watching these films made by year 8 students at Soham Village College. Each film features a different area of the creative industries. They are a great way to understand how broad our industries are and see what grabs your interest. (job profile films)

For more information about all the jobs in our industry here click here

What is it like to have a creative job in the Eastern region?

CTF Live interviews inspiring people who work in creative jobs from across Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Peterborough and Suffolk – they all live, work or grew up here. Look here to find out more about some of the amazing people from our region.

You can find out more about each professional and their work life by clicking on their film.

In the panel discussions you can hear the professionals discussing their career pathway, the training choices they made, and the skills they need for their jobs every day.

How important is creativity for a job anyway?

Hear from some local employers and Higher Education providers about the essential skills you’ll need in the workplace. 

Caroline Hyde from Allia Future Business Centre in Peterborough

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