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A new partnership project building effective information, advice and guidance to make the creative industries a viable career pathway for young people from Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. The project will run until 2020 with an invited group of 15 secondary schools selected by the Collaborative Outreach Network.

We are committed to promoting a 21st century skill-set with creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, project management and problem solving at its heart. We want to demonstrate to schools, families and young people the role of the creative sector as employers of the future. The project will deliver a number of strands of activity with the schools involved.

The project will deliver a variety of strands to different year groups, all activity has been mapped against the Gatsby Benchmarks.



In 2017, the sector contributed £101.5bn gross value added (GVA) to the UK economy
The creative sector is the fastest-growing part of the UK economy – growing at three times the rate of the wider economy


There are 2 million jobs in the creative industries. which means 1:11 jobs in the UK are in the creative economy


Creative jobs are future-proof jobs: 87% of creative jobs are at low or no risk of automation


Creative Industries Federation 

Department for Culture, Media and Sport

The East of England contains 9% of the creative industries’ workforce


Of the creative workers in the sector, 35% are self-employed, compared with 15% across the workforce as whole- being self-sufficient with a good portfolio and contacts is important




See and download the full Creating the Future framework for schools

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