Governor Training

Supporting school governors to help embed the arts & cultural learning into school

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Our Governor Training programme was developed to:

  • Inform, inspire and support school Governors in primary, secondary, special and pupil referral units, to embed the arts and cultural learning into school improvement plans.
  • Ensure that Governors are equipped to champion and embed the arts and cultural learning in their schools
  • Develop a set of tools to assess their schools performance including:
    • Role of the arts and cultural learning in the wider curriculum and in the school improvement programme.
    • Need to deliver against Ofsted requirements for schools to address the spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of children and young people’s lives.
    • Embedding the arts and cultural learning in school leadership, staff development and performance review structures
    • Promoting Artsmark as a framework to support this work

    “All governors found the training useful and relevant; highly valued the delivery style and content of the training; able to apply what they had learnt; and resourced to promote what they had learnt to other governors. As a result of the training governors felt more informed about how the arts and cultural learning can contribute to schools, learning and SMSC aspects judged by OFSTED and inspired to go back to their own schools and take steps to improve the arts and cultural learning in their settings.” Evaluation report of Governor Training Suffolk

If you’d like to find out more or book a bespoke session for your school please contact us.

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