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Additional Resources & Support Materials

If you are interested in knowing more about how technology can support your learning programmes then take a look at some of the resources, networks and other content listed below.  As this is a fast evolving area it is useful to keep abreast so sign up to the newsletters and subscribe to the feeds.

Arts & Culture:

  • Digital Cultural Network – a part of Arts Council England, the network provides training, events, online resources and more with the help of nine Tech Champions. Check out the website and sign up to become a part of the network and receive their handy newsletter.
  • Digital Skills for Heritage – Heritage Lottery initiative providing resources, materials and free training. Sign up to the newsletter and access their free support and expertise.
  • Chris Unitt: Arts, Cultural, Digital newsletter – subscribe to this useful newsletter focusing on the digital/tech developments in the world of the arts, museums, culture, heritage, and creativity.
  • Report from Good Things Foundation – On behalf of Art Council England. Digital inclusion and exclusion in the arts and cultural sector.


  • London CLC newsletter –weekly bulletin from the BETT award winning team with a round up of the latest edtech news and advice.  The newsletter provides really good  insight into schools’ use of  technology
  • Education Endowment Fund – evidence-based report for educationalists on effective distance and online learning approaches.
  • Education Endowment Fund – Remote Professional Development – A rapid evidence assessment exploring the efficacy of remote professional development (PD) approaches to help providers and organisations make good decisions.
  • EdTech Demonstrator Programme: Network of lead schools and colleges across England funded by te DfE to support the sector in making better use of technology. Check out the website for resources, training and other materials

Digital Engagement:



Digital inclusion: