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Future Views is a forward-looking research project imagining the future of creative learning

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What is Future Views?

Future Views is a collaborative research project between Festival Bridge, Royal Opera House Bridge and Artswork and three Cultural Education Partnerships across the South East, with a view to imagining the next generation of cultural learning.

These partners worked closely with Flow Associates to run a series of discussions, both online and in real-world workshops, exploring questions about making and consuming culture, learning, and working in the future.

The Future Views toolkit below shares the findings and the workshop tools for any Local Cultural Education Partnerships to use for their own consultation and future planning.

The research consulted with young people and cultural leaders to explore:

  • What are the emerging technologies, organisational behaviours and critical trends in the world that might shape cultural learning in a local context?
  • If these changes are happening, how and where in their lives will CYP be making and consuming what kinds of art & culture?
  • In education and technology, how will these changes impact on CYP’s opportunities to access art & culture towards their learning?
  • If there are these changes in the wider world, what skills will young people need to access meaningful employment?

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Image credits: Masthead  and Future Views Toolkit © Katherine Mager Photography