Noëmi Lakmaier

Going Somewhere

with illustrations by Margaret Sturton


Experience Pack

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Tickets: Pay What You Want, Free - £25

During this past year of the pandemic, many of us have missed going somewhere with purpose. Going Somewhere plays on this experience, turning the going nowhere we have all become so familiar with, into a purposeful, deliberate act, in which going nowhere becomes a going somewhere in and of itself.

Going Somewhere is a performance experience facilitated through an object and a set of instructions that can be ordered online and will be sent in the post. It is an exercise in slow and deliberate movement as well as one of drawing in space. The action this performance pack encourages is a very slow and purposeful 1000 meter walk, stroll or push, while paying mindful attention to your surroundings and leaving a trace of your journey with thin biodegradable silk thread.

The experience can be performed in any not too crowded space, whether urban or rural or even indoors. It can be performed by anybody aged 14 or over who wants to slow down their movements and experience their familiar surroundings in a new and familiar way.

Important information

Venue: Experience Pack

Age guidance: 14 and above (younger children may struggle with the slowness and deliberateness of the piece.

Accessibility: This performance is suitable for anybody. Individuals who use there hands for movement (e.g. wheelchair users) may want to attach the object e.g. to an item of clothing while they move and stop for more precise drawings in space.)

Postage: Going Somwhere can either be posted for a postage fee, or collected from our Box Office free of charge.


This event is Pay What You Want, the prices available to select from are:
Free, £5, £10, £15, £25


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30 May

12:00 pm

£0.00 - £25.00

Idea, design and production by Noëmi Lakmaier, funded by Norfolk and Norwich Festival, illustrations by Margaret Sturton

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