Byron Vincent

Instagramming The Apocalypse

In association with Writers' Centre Norwich

This is a past event which has now ended.

‘WTF is going on? I mean seriously? We’re a nation divided. Our heroes are dropping like barbiturate-riddled flies. Our youth hate themselves so much they exist through digitally manipulated avatars. It’s hard not to feel like the end is nigh and that our positive efforts are mere farts in the ether.’

Byron Vincent was raised to believe that cynicism is cool, modern life is rubbish and that sincerity is for suckers; but as a drowning world punches a solitary fist through an ocean of plastic forks, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate that perspective. In a post-satire age, what’s so funny about peace love and understanding?

This is a scratch show – experience an unfinished show and offer ideas and feedback to the artist.

‘Byron Vincent plays with language like it lives, he has the ability to stretch words almost to breaking point then snap them back to meaning like nothing ever happened. He tells funny hard poems about things that are true’ Kate Tempest

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Age guidance: 18+


Essential companions: Any audience member requiring an essential carer/companion can get one free ticket. Relevant discounts or concessions still apply to the paid ticket.

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24 May

08:00 pm


In association with Writers’ Centre Norwich

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