Future and Form

Where Do Stories Come From? Workshop

Tash Aw and Guildhall Live Events

Saturday 22 May, 11.00am–Thursday 27 May, 7.00pm


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Tickets: Free, workshops must be pre-booked

In this interactive online exhibition from UEA’s flagship project Future and Form, you are invited to make the shift from reader to writer, from observer to active participant, as you inhabit the world of the writer as they craft the story.

Using a unique combination of archive material from award-winning Malaysian born novelist Tash Aw, computer-generated imaging and responsive machine learning, you will travel 6,000 miles away to where the story begins in Hong Kong. There, you will immerse yourself in the creative process, from the spark of an idea to the decisions that build imagined worlds populated with fully-realised characters.

The choices you are invited to make throughout the exhibition will influence the outcome and, by the end, your contributions will have formed a unique digital postcard that can be emailed to you. The postcards will form a gallery of creative responses illustrating the myriad ways the writer can shape and craft a story.

Where will your story take you?

You can also sign up for a 60-minute workshop with UEA creative writers, during which you will be invited to reflect on your experiences and receive advice on forging a path as a writer.

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Important information

Venue: Online

Duration: 10 mins


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22 May

11:00 am



22 May

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22 May

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25 May

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27 May

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This work, generously supported by Arts Council England, is part of the UEA’s ‘Future and Form’ series of works designed to explore the interface between contemporary literature and creative technology.

Writer: Tash Aw

Digital Production Partner

Guildhall Live Events, part of Guildhall School of Music & Drama


Venue Partners: Norfolk Library and Information Services & The British Archive for Contemporary Writing

Full credits will be found here

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