Frozen Light's top 5 SEND recommends

So first up our top five recommends.  This was tough; it seems that there are a lot of incredible people out there making wonderful online content but here are some of our favourite.  We have tried to find an offer for a variety of different learners, but we do work in the field of multi-sensory performance and these are our networks so apologies if all our resources have a sensory bias.



The Scottish based organisation which works with people with PMLD have compiled some great downloadable sensory resources including sensory stories, music, yoga and a collaboration with our friends at Making SENse Creative Services who have some brilliantly fun sensory art activities to try. A wealth of activities for people with PMLD.

2. Frozen Light

Without being too self-involved do check out our Sensory Resource Kit which we have launched to support our 2016/2017 show HOME. You do not need to have seen the show to use the kit.  It is a series of seven sessions with storytelling, sensory ideas, craft activities and music.  It also has an accompanying PowerPoint so you can feel like you are at the show.

3. Heart n Soul

We love Heart n Soul, they are a creative arts company who believe in the talents and power of people with learning disabilities, based at The Albany in Deptford, London. They have opened up their weekly sessions for teenagers and adults with learning disabilities for you to access online here. One of their artists has also made brilliant creative packs which you can download and fill in. This is definitely one for older students.

4. Sensorium

Our Australian friends Sensorium make amazing multi-sensory productions for audiences with sensory needs. They have re-released a brilliant instructional video on how to create sensory stories at home or school which is on their Vimeo Channel.  There you can also find a great video about making and using shadow puppets too.

5. Gig Buddies

Another one for older students and not really an educational resource but we had to mention the fabulous Gig Buddies. Gig Buddies is a nationwide initiative started by The Stay Up Late campaign which is all about going out, having fun and enjoying things happening in your community especially music. It pairs up people with or without a learning disability with a shared passion for music and art who can go to events together. Obviously lockdown has rudely halted that but at Gig Buddies they are not letting that stop them and they have created Coronavirusfest which comes to you live from their Facebook page every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening. Let’s bring the party to your home!


By Amber and Lucy, Frozen Light Theatre