Our Top 5 recommends: Dance Resources

1. Dance and Digital Participation

Tom Hobden, from dance company UNIT, talks in this vlog for People Dancing about his work developing participatory dance delivery online. Tom explains how he has worked to keep the human connection in the work despite the remote digital nature. His thoughts and ideas are also not limited to dance, they could be considered when thinking about any digital participatory event or performance.

Tom has also started a YouTube series talking to other dance artist who have experience working with technology in their work, you can see the first one with Katie Dale-Everett here.

2. U.Dance Digital 2020 - the UK's national youth dance festival goes online

Running from Friday 17 – Sunday 19 July U.Dance Digital is a packed weekend of master classes, industry Q&A’s, careers chats and watch parties, aimed at 11-19 year olds. There is a real range of dance styles and focuses, from West End to community dance, being a press manager for dance to be a dance scientist! Take a look at the full programme here.

3. See the inner working of a physical theatre company with Gecko

Physical theatre company Gecko have a great library of recourses on their shows.  From top tips to FAQ’s and insights into how they work. Including insights into Gecko’s use of language and breath. There is also a full back catalogue of their shows to watch in full.

Take a look here.

4. Dadderrs The Lockdown Telly Show

This is something to look forward to. Created by Frauke Requardt & Daniel Oliver, Dadderrs the Lockdown Telly Show reimagines the awkwardly intimate and dysfunctional activities of their live show Dadderrs, adapting it for the current climate. Frauke has ADHD and Daniel is dyspraxic, in Dadderrs they create a fantastical escapist world in response to their experiences as neurodivergent parents. You’ll be able to watch it on The Place’s YouTube channel from Wednesday 22 July. Find out more here.

5. Online experiences from DanceEast’s Friends.

This is a 15+ in one resource as DanceEast in Ipswich have rounded up the best bits from their friends. There are dance intensive workshops and performances for all ages and ability, including those with learning disabilities. I imagine they’ll keep adding to it, so check back again in the future.


By Frances Lamb