Review: Norfolk Music Hub - Prehistoric!

This is a song cycle which celebrates the fascinating history of Norfolk, exploring prehistoric times. It’s for children aged 5-7 and their families – though I daresay it will be enjoyed by younger and older children than that. Through it, you can get your Discover Arts Award as well – I’m sure that will appeal to a lot of people!

The resources come on downloadable PDF or Word docs, plus there’s a video of the whole cycle. During the story you can sing along with various songs (using the resources to learn them) as well as make sounds and effects to fit in with the soundscapes that illuminate the story.

Find out the documents and resources here.

I learned lots about the ancient history that’s right on our doorstep and I’m definitely going to look up more about it as a result. This might be a good place to start.

The Music Hub  have links to a bunch of other music resources online which you could browse round for inspiration. They’re also doing a Virtual Big Sing on 21 June, anyone is welcome to take part and you can start rehearsing for the concert by using the selected songs and resources on their website.