Top 5 Resources: Music - Round 2

1. Birmingham Contemporary Music Group

This brilliant resource for young instrumentalists to create their own music at home doesn’t require any particular materials and can be done anywhere! There are activities for all age groups and most things will take less than than 30 minutes. Plus there’s the opportunity to get a Discover or Explore Arts Award

2. Jamming at Home

For children aged 3-7. Short music and rhythm-play sessions with Dave ‘Stickman’ Higgins, with a number of episodes on different topics. Each one requires various simple household objects. A lovely fun way to spend the morning! Find out more.

3. Big Top Online Adventures

These are lovely themed music workshops for children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities. Each lasts half an hour or more, and you can use various fun props like pots and pans (for drumming) and rice in a bottle (for shaking). A bit of space to move is helpful too. Enjoy!

4. Sing with Mat Wright

Mat Wright runs the world-famous Barnsley Youth Choir and here you can learn and sing a song with him in one session! All you need is your voice and a bit of space to stand, sing, and move a bit. Suitable for all ages of children and young people (plus their families). New songs are posted regularly, and all the resources you need are on the website. Take a look

5. Drillosophy

This is a really interesting series of videos on music education and philosophy. There are accompanying downloadable resources which enable teachers, youth workers, carers and parents to deepen their critical conversations with young people before and after watching the episode. Give it a go.



By Fraser Wilson