Moving IT On

The Context

The pandemic has been transformational for both the education and cultural sectors.  The seismic disruption caused by the global pandemic has shifted our landscape and digital innovation, through necessity, has flourished in spite of significant challenges for both sectors, in terms of understanding and resourcing.  As we begin the long transition out of this phase, there is much to consider for arts and cultural organisations particularly in relation to the development of new learning programmes.  Schools are changed places with most having more robust infrastructure, established learning platforms and a better understanding of online and hybrid pedagogies.  Curriculum priorities have shifted too with wellbeing still at the fore and a focus on ‘catchup’ likely to remain a priority well into next academic year.

  • How should arts and cultural organisations respond within this changed landscape?
  • What do schools and young people need and want?
  • How might programmes capitalise on digital developments to offer more personalised experiences, greater access or deeper engagement?

Moving IT On

Festival Bridge have developed the Moving IT On programme to support schools and cultural organisations to develop the pedagogy and quality of digital learning in their settings. We do this by awarding a number of research & development grants, providing practice sharing sessions and signposting to helpful resources.

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