Culture Chain Consultancy Brief

We are seeking the service of a consultant who can help us to develop a programme that increases the skills and confidence of those working in the cultural sector to diversify their organisations’ investment.

An important element of our mission is to provide support for professionals working in the cultural sector who have a particular focus on children, young people and learning. Through our work we have identified that professionals in learning positions and those leading cultural education focussed organisations have a range of knowledge, skills and understanding of business practices that can enable growth. However, delivery is heavily dependent on securing subsidy, leaving little capacity to research markets and explore product development and/or innovation. We believe this puts them at significant risk as the funding landscape continues to contract. With that in mind Festival Bridge wishes to contract a consultant initially to devise a 3-year programme that focusses on innovation and entrepreneurship, supporting middle managers to develop business skills, and upskill micro-businesses to develop their business model (Phase 1). Phase 2 (delivery of the programme based on Phase 1) will be subject to a separate contract.

Deadline for applications is 5pm on Thursday 28th February 2019.

For further information email or download the full brief below.

Download the Culture Chain Consultancy Brief