Day 7

Norfolk & Norwich Festival does Radio Local: Thursday 14 May

Are you wearing your adventure pants today? – Get ready for the Scavenger Hunt and the intergenerational game You Can Choose Your Friends But Not Your Family, we hear more riveting Audio Postcards From Great Yarmouth by Lucia Scazzocchio, chat to social practice artists scheduled for Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2020 Yara & Davina, local WI member and avid cross-stitcher Muriel Harmer joins us for a Live Report, we are joined by Norwich Local Legend Kelly Lindsay founder of the intergenerational charity Friend In Deed, and chat with Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2020 Artist Andy Field live about his new project the News News News Reporters Club.

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Can you find:
A notebook, pink coloured pen, ornamental cat, cushion, crystal, flannel, leaf in the shape of David Hasselhoff, ball of wool, candle, can of lilt

Head over to Hunt & Darton’s Jingle Shed and get creative, creating your own jingle which may even be featured on the show!

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Puppet Portrait Challenge

The challenge continues! Hunt & Darton and Norwich Puppet Theatre want to see your best puppet portraits!

NNF20 Artists: YARA + DAVINA

Arrivals + Departures is a Festival commission for NNF20, a new public artwork by Davina Drummond & Yara El-Sherbini. It is an interactive public installation about birth, death and the journey in between. Taking the recognisable form of a station or airport arrivals and departures board, the artwork invites the public to share the names of people who have arrived and departed as a way to celebrate a birth or commemorate a death.

Yara El-Sherbini & Davina Drummond are two pioneering British social practice artists, who for almost two decades have been creating art with a focus on engagement and participation. They use formats from within popular culture to make works which are accessible and playful. Using formats such as jokes to mini golf and choirs and tattoo parlours, they root their works in the everyday, using a lightness of touch and humour to make works that are both poetic and universal.

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Find YARA + DAVINA’S Guide For People Who Worry What To Say To A Grieving Person here.

Find out more about YARA + DAVINA’s work


Great Yarmouth Audio Postcards

Horsey from Lorraine Lavan

Lorraine Lavan is painting a picture with words of Horsey Beach.

Commissioned artist Lucia Scazzocchio has conducted interviews with members of the community in Great Yarmouth in order to create ‘Audio Postcards’. Participants were asked to collect sound recordings of an area that had special meaning to them – this made up the visual/picture side of the postcard. Then they were asked to record a message similar to the written message on the back of a postcard. When combined the resulting product is an Audio Postcard – that captures the essence of people and place.



Local Legend: Kelly Lindsay

Kelly Lindsay is the founder of Norfolk Charity Friend In Deed, who create friendships across the generations through various intergenerational schemes, and aim to ‘reduce loneliness and promote kindness’. This was born through her passion in supporting vulnerable elderly people and work experience at behavioural schools. Kelly was recently made a winner in the Community category of Good Morning Britain’s 1 Million Minutes Award.

Norfolk & Norwich Festival has been working with Friend in Deed and Norwich Puppet Theatre since 2018 to bring young and old together through Puppet Portrait workshops in care homes.

Find out more about Friend in Deed

News News News

Andy Field, creator of NNF19 show News News News pops in for a chat with Hunt & Darton. Become a news reporter with the News News News Reporters Club.

Join the News News News Reporters Club

Festival Futures – Arts make life better

Norfolk & Norwich Festival brings tens of thousands of people together in celebration – it has been doing this for 250 years. Through our May festival and our arts education work, we lead and support celebration, creativity and curiosity in communities across Norfolk.

This year we launch a giving campaign, Festival Futures, to help ensure we continue this work for future generations.

2022’s campaign focuses on ‘Tomorrow’s World’ – the participants, audiences and artists of the future. We aim to raise £20,000 towards our Take Part: Schools programme and towards a range of programming at 2022’s Festival that provides participation and showcase opportunities for young people and early-career artists.  We believe that participation in the arts can increase confidence, creativity and academic results and that by creating performance and commissioning opportunities for the next generation of artists, we are ensuring the future of Norfolk & Norwich Festival. We need your support.

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