Day 8

Norfolk & Norwich Festival does Radio Local: Friday 15 May

We are rummaging for buried treasures with the Scavenger Hunt and trying not to choose sides when playing the intergenerational game You Can Choose Your Friends But Not Your Family, we act as match-makers with the Dating Show, Norfolk & Norwich Festival Artist Jaqueline Shave joins us on behalf of Britten Sinfonia, we get the scoop of the street from Viki Reynolds who joins us for The News, we review gut busting food with key worker Lewis, we interview music teacher, facilitator and all round Local Legend John Kramarchuk, Lucia Scazzocchio concludes her series of Audio Postcard From Great Yarmouth, we hear from Guest Presenter Victoria Melody who takes over the show to introduce us to local comedy champions

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Can you find
A notebook, pink coloured pen, ornamental cat, cushion, crystal, flannel, leaf in the shape of David Hasselhoff, ball of wool, candle, can of lilt

Head over to Hunt & Darton’s Jingle Shed and get creative, creating your own jingle which may even be featured on the show!

Enter the Jingle Shed

What’s your problem? Out of milk? Succumbing to boredom? Want to escape a zoom meeting? Let us know on Facebook or email us, and Hunt & Darton will sit down, armed with a cup of tea and a biscuit and solve your problems.


Head over to Twitter and help us write a soap opera! We’ve started with the first couple of lines and now it’s your turn to come up with the next line! We will retweet the winning line and our Radio Local Soap Opera should snowball into something beautiful from there!

So far the story goes…

‘Craig stormed into the room, his eyes meeting Anastasia’s as he threw his crystal glass of fine red wine into the fireplace. ‘So, you’ve come back’, he spat, ‘after 30 years, why now?’ Anastasia turned to him, fire in her eyes, and said…’

‘I left the toothpicks here, they were the one thing that I’d forgotten. For years I have craved those toothpicks, then I caved in’. Anastasia ran to the kitchen cabinet and opened the door only to find….’

‘that Craig had rearranged the cupboards and stacked the tins in alphabetical order. Anastasia froze. It took a few seconds for the rage to build from her toes and by the time it reached her mouth instead of anger she laughed, the big belly kind. Craig bewildered…’

‘but emboldened followed her. He had been flossing twice daily since she left. “You won’t find them in there. I somehow knew you’d be back for them. If you want them that badly, you’re going to have to tell me what really happened in Scratby. You changed that weekend.”‘

Puppet Portrait Challenge

Norwich Puppet Theatre and Hunt & Darton are challenging you to create puppet pals! Share your creations with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or email us your best pics on

NNF20 Artists: Britten Sinfonia

Hunt & Darton chat to Jacqueline Shave, who was going to direct Britten Sinfonia’s concert of Mysteries of the Macabre with Alison Balsom for Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2020.

Jacqueline – described by one of her fellow Britten Sinfonia musicians as ‘a musical force of nature’ – was appointed leader of Britten Sinfonia in 2005. Her career in classical music has been incredibly varied and successful, and as such she is in demand as a guest leader with many of the UKs leading orchestras. She is the violinist in the Britten Oboe quartet with Nicholas Daniel, and in 2013 she became leader of the Red Note Ensemble. 

Just over 25 years ago, Britten Sinfonia was established as a bold reimagining of the conventional image of an orchestra. The orchestra is named after Benjamin Britten, in part a homage to its chosen home of the East of England. Britten Sinfonia is now one of the world’s leading ensembles, whose vision is to collapse the boundaries between old and new music, to collaborate with composers, conductors and guest artists across the arts, focussing on the musicians rather than following the vision of a principal conductor; and to create involving, intelligent music events that both audiences and performers experience with an unusual intensity.

Find out more about Britten Sinfonia

Local Legend: John Kramarchuk

John has spent thirty years as a performing musician, recording-artist and studio engineer. He now delivers a range of music activities across West Norfolk, some of which are specifically for young people with special needs or those facing challenging circumstances. He also teaches A-Level music and tech, and runs clubs in basic creative coding and film making for young people. John’s mission is to pass on his experience, using music as a tool for education, wellbeing and social cohesion.

John is the founder of Play Up – a West Norfolk based project with the aim of helping young musicians to find like minded people, form bands, rehearse, make recordings and play gigs. The project is open to anyone aged 13+ and is free to join.  He was also a part of the team that organised the 11th Hour Festival of art, light and sound that hit the streets of King’s Lynn in October 2019.

John is a music teacher, facilitator and practitioner for The Garage (Norwich) and The Workshop (King’s Lynn). He can currently be found delivering a plethora of online music lessons over Zoom for all ages, abilities and backgrounds. 

Artist Commission: Oliver Payne from Yarmonics

Oliver Payne is a local sound artist who runs Eastern Ear – a not-for-profit organisation led by a small group of Norfolk-based artists, musicians and improvisers. Focused on celebrating, promoting and producing improvised and spontaneous music Eastern Ear aim to bring new music to the region and to provide opportunities for artists and the wider community to participate in sonic art activity, from education to performance.

Yarmonics, produced in partnership with Eastern Ear, is a free sonic art and new music festival that celebrates the sounds, people and places of Great Yarmouth. It features installations, performances, workshops with local groups and talks. Yarmonics has invited a number of sound artists, musicians, writers and artists to create work that responds to specific spaces and places in Great Yarmouth.

Find out more about Yarmonics

The Family

We join the Robinson Family for mealtime madness and ask the question – do you have enough pesto?

Festival Futures – Arts make life better

Norfolk & Norwich Festival brings tens of thousands of people together in celebration – it has been doing this for 250 years. Through our May festival and our arts education work, we lead and support celebration, creativity and curiosity in communities across Norfolk.

This year we launch a giving campaign, Festival Futures, to help ensure we continue this work for future generations.

2022’s campaign focuses on ‘Tomorrow’s World’ – the participants, audiences and artists of the future. We aim to raise £20,000 towards our Take Part: Schools programme and towards a range of programming at 2022’s Festival that provides participation and showcase opportunities for young people and early-career artists.  We believe that participation in the arts can increase confidence, creativity and academic results and that by creating performance and commissioning opportunities for the next generation of artists, we are ensuring the future of Norfolk & Norwich Festival. We need your support.

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