Day 9

Norfolk & Norwich Festival does Radio Local: Saturday 16 May

We are back with a raft of Scavenger Hunt oddities and curiosities to find and play games with You Can Choose Your Friends But Not Your Family, we open up the jingle shed to see what musical madness has been conjured up, we meet Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2020 Garden Party Artist Matthew Harrison who talks us through his new interactive play installation The Community Chest, we meet Christine Yates for a live report straight from her lockdown fortress, we talk about fried deliciousness with key worker Lewis for a slice of the Food Review, our airwaves are taken over by the Great Yarmouth Radio Local Workshop Group, our bid wins us an interview with Diss Local Legend and Auctioneer Elizabeth Talbot, and we hear more breaking news stories delivered by young reporters in Part 2 of Andy Field’s News News News Reports Club

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Can you find:
Cheese grater
Something useful
A dance move
Half eaten Biscuit

Head over to Hunt & Darton’s Jingle Shed and get creative, creating your own jingle which may even be featured on the show!

Enter the Jingle Shed

Head over to Twitter and help us write a soap opera! We’ve started with the first couple of lines and now it’s your turn to come up with the next line! We will retweet the winning line and our Radio Local Soap Opera should snowball into something beautiful from there!

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Today’s challenge: Human Pyramid!

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NNF20 Artists: Matthew Harrison

Matthew Harrison is an artist, animator and filmmaker who aims to engage people of all ages and backgrounds in creative activity and participation. The majority of his work combines traditional, hands-on techniques with modern technology. He is a Great Yarmouth local who strongly believes in the value of social and physical interaction between people and objects, and the need in modern day society for real experience and participation.

Festival fans may remember Matthew Harrison’s Actual Reality Arcade, which was commissioned by Norfolk and Norwich Festival in 2017. It has since toured successfully for the past three years with continued interest and success. 

Find out more about The Actual Reality Arcade

Local Legend: Elizabeth Talbot

Elizabeth is the Director of TW Gaze Diss Auction Rooms and an auctioneer with over 30 years of experience in her field. She learned the trade in the 1980s, and became one of the youngest female auctioneers in the UK. Elizabeth will be familiar to many listeners following her regular appearances on the BBC’s Flog It and Bargain Hunt. Elizabeth also appeared as an expert valuer on the precursor to many of today’s antiques shows, the BBC’s Going For a Song.



Great Yarmouth Takeover

Max, Ruby, Elise & Amelia are taking over Radio Local together with St George’s Theatre!

St. George’s Theatre is Great Yarmouth’s only all year round theatre, housed in a stunningly converted Grade I listed former chapel building in the town centre’s historic King Street district. Run by Creative Director Debbie Thompson, St George’s Theatre is largely volunteer led except for a handful of key staff. St George’s Theatre runs both an Adult and Youth Theatre group, and they also have a host of community groups that use the space including: Community Singers, Ballroom and Latin Dance, Golden Threads (Social group for the elderly) and a Knit and Natter group.

Find out more about St George’s Theatre


News News News Young Reporters Club

NNF19 Artist Andy Field is back on the show to talk with Hunt & Darton about the News News News Young Reporters Club!

News News News Reporters Club is a project that enables children anywhere in the world to make their own local radio news show from lockdown using only a pen, paper and a mobile phone. It’s made by artists Andy Field and Beckie Darlington and is free to download from their website.

Become a Young Reporter

Festival Futures – Arts make life better

Norfolk & Norwich Festival brings tens of thousands of people together in celebration – it has been doing this for 250 years. Through our May festival and our arts education work, we lead and support celebration, creativity and curiosity in communities across Norfolk.

This year we launch a giving campaign, Festival Futures, to help ensure we continue this work for future generations.

2022’s campaign focuses on ‘Tomorrow’s World’ – the participants, audiences and artists of the future. We aim to raise £20,000 towards our Take Part: Schools programme and towards a range of programming at 2022’s Festival that provides participation and showcase opportunities for young people and early-career artists.  We believe that participation in the arts can increase confidence, creativity and academic results and that by creating performance and commissioning opportunities for the next generation of artists, we are ensuring the future of Norfolk & Norwich Festival. We need your support.

Make a Festival Futures donation to Norfolk & Norwich Festival.

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