Day 6

Norfolk & Norwich Festival: Wednesday 13 May

Get ready to join in with the Scavenger Hunt, we hear an exclusive challenge set by The Puppet Theatre for You Can Choose Your Friends But Not Your Family, listen in on two exciting Audio Postcards from Great Yarmouth by Lucia Scazzocchio, we are joined by Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2020 Artists Martin and Lachlan from Australian circus company Gravity & Other Myths, Jane France gives us The News on how she’s communicating with family and friends during lockdown, in the hot seat we have Local Legend and restauranteur Angelo Carvalho from Great Yarmouth, and are joined again by guest presenter Victoria Melody.

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Puppet Portrait Challenge

With Norwich Puppet Theatre

Norwich Puppet Theatre is challenging you to make your own Puppet Portraits!

Send us your Puppet Portrait pictures on TwitterInstagram or Facebook or email us on

Norwich Puppet Theatre is an excellent introduction to the magic of theatre with original shows, activities, workshops and masterclasses for all ages.

During lockdown Norwich Puppet Theatre have been offering an Online Puppet Theatre with a range of behind the scenes clips, how to make videos and downloadable resources.

Find out more about Norwich Puppet Theatre


Norwich Puppet Theatre Challenge

How to make your own Puppet Portrait

NNF20 Artist: Gravity & Other Myths

Gravity & Other Myths is an internationally renowned circus company pushing the boundaries of contemporary circus. Formed in Adelaide, Australia in 2009, GOM’s work utilises an honest approach to performance, to create shows with a focus on human connection and acrobatic virtuosity.

After their successful show A Simple Space in the Adnams Spiegeltent at NNF19, Gravity & Other Myths were set to return to the Festival this year with their new show Out Of Chaos, their boldest and most ambitious yet.

Hard-edged, throbbing, explosive acrobatics referencing birth, death and primordial physics collide with intimate verbal confessions to create an insight into what it feels like to be on stage in real time… Complete with sweaty armpits.

Take a look behind the scenes:

Gravity & Other Myths have been incredibly active across digital media during the lockdown. Initially, starting with a few home videos uploaded onto their Instagram, they have now announced a series called There’s No I in Quaranteam. 

Aurora Nova have launched a Go Fund Me to support Gravity & Other Myths through these crazy times. All proceeds from this fund will go directly to the artists allowing them time to train and create from home to make sure they are ready to launch shows back onto the global stage.

Find out more about Gravity & Other Myths


The News

We’re going live to Jane France, 72, who will talk about how she is communicating with friends and family during lockdown.

Local Legend: Angelo Carvalho

Angelo is a popular restaurateur in Great Yarmouth. He is the owner of the much loved Quayside Plaza and Silver Darling Cafe, and is a key member of the Portuguese community in Yarmouth. 

In his spare time, he runs Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes for children and adults at the Drill House. Since lockdown he has continued to deliver classes and training sessions online.

Angelo often caters for events across Norfolk – one of the biggest catering events on his calendar is the Out There Festival run by SeaChange Arts in Great Yarmouth. Each year, flocks, droves, hordes of artists, performers, technicians, crew, event managers, volunteers and a wide host of other colour characters descend not only to deliver spectacular performances but to sample the coveted garlic infused olives and consume perhaps the most exquisite garlic butter that has every been created by mankind. 

Without Angelo no one would have the fuel or fire in their belly’s to deliver the best performance of their lives. 

Great Yarmouth Audio Postcards

Commissioned artist Lucia Scazzocchio has conducted interviews with members of the community in Great Yarmouth in order to create ‘Audio Postcards’. Participants were asked to collect sound recordings of an area that had special meaning to them – this made up the visual/picture side of the postcard. Then they were asked to record a message similar to the written message on the back of a postcard. When combined the resulting product is an Audio Postcard – that captures the essence of people and place.

St John Terrace by Kaavous Clayton & Julia Devonshire

Kaavous Clayton and Julia Devonshire are founding members of Outpost Gallery Norwich, and have worked across the Arts and Culture sector  together and independently. In 2002 they founded originalprojects; ‘an amorphous collective of artists who could work together to make things happen in Norwich’, motivated by the lack of opportunities and space to present things in the city and the desire to connect both within and beyond. Kaavous and Julia relocated to Great Yarmouth in 2017, where they took over an abandoned shop on the high street and transformed it into a pop-up art gallery in 2019.


The Hippodrome by Jack Jay

Jack Jay is a radio presenter at BBC Radio Norfolk on The Jack Jay Show, Chairman of Great Yarmouth Town Football Club, and host and producer at the family-owned Great Yarmouth Hippodrome.

Jack has grown up in the circus, a proud Great Yarmouth tradition intrinsically linked with seaside entertainment for generations and handed down from showman to showman.


Festival Futures – Arts make life better

Norfolk & Norwich Festival brings tens of thousands of people together in celebration – it has been doing this for 250 years. Through our May festival and our arts education work, we lead and support celebration, creativity and curiosity in communities across Norfolk.

This year we launch a giving campaign, Festival Futures, to help ensure we continue this work for future generations.

2022’s campaign focuses on ‘Tomorrow’s World’ – the participants, audiences and artists of the future. We aim to raise £20,000 towards our Take Part: Schools programme and towards a range of programming at 2022’s Festival that provides participation and showcase opportunities for young people and early-career artists.  We believe that participation in the arts can increase confidence, creativity and academic results and that by creating performance and commissioning opportunities for the next generation of artists, we are ensuring the future of Norfolk & Norwich Festival. We need your support.

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