About The Two Fifty

To mark 250 years of Norfolk & Norwich Festival, we are commissioning some very special multiyear projects focusing on working with communities. Lone Twin, one of the artists undertaking these projects, is going to work with people and communities across the region to deliver a project called The Two Fifty, culminating in a celebratory performance at the Festival in 2022.

The Two Fifty will bring together 250 participants from across Norfolk and Norwich to become members of a very special volunteer organisation – a Guild dedicated to the disposition of its members: a good and kind person who is willing to help out. As part of its activities the Guild will celebrate and undertake acts of kindness, something that has become even more pertinent in current times.

Members will fulfil annual duties at the Festival each year, and be part of a series of playful interventions which will celebrate the Festival’s past, present, and future. In addition, The Two Fifty will offer year-round volunteer help and assistance across the region: Guild members will plan and decide on doing good things for people, in very good ways, wearing an exceptionally good-looking uniform.

The Guild is 250 people ready and willing to help across the region; their activities forming part of the cultural life of the region. The public acts they undertake are designed as performances and so the Guild’s work serves as a meeting point between art, ceremony and ritual, along with the pragmatic activity of volunteering.

We are beginning to establish the Guild with a group of founding members, so keep an eye on the website over the summer as more is revealed!

About Lone Twin

Led by artists Gregg Whelan and Gary Winters, Lone Twin is one of Europe’s leading performance companies. Celebrated for creating a broad range of projects, from theatrical productions to participatory public events, the company’s work is regularly shown across the world to popular and critical acclaim.

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