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Fake Magic

Curated by Vincent Gambini

This is a past event which has now ended.

A unique show featuring some of the most daring, alternative and cutting edge magicians working in the UK today.

Forget bunnies, showbiz platitudes and cheap gags. Bring on oddball magic, avant-garde trickery, and bewildering types of conjuring. Expect to be mesmerised, foxed, deceived, thrown, educated, challenged, and relieved.

Just as other art forms have had artists change the rules of the game and dare to rethink what they do, Fake Magic presents magicians who offer a different approach to conjuring.

These are magic performance as you’ve never seen them before.

Line Up:

Jeanette Andrews is a Chicago-based sensory illusionist who specializes in creating performative, art-based interactive sensory magic. Combining influences not typically seen in magic performances, such as immersive theater, quantum physics, and philosophy, Andrews has invented a unique take on this ancient art form.

Tim Bromage is a performer and writer based in Wales. His practice draws upon a number of areas of interest, including stage magic and folk traditions. Props and costume are combined with song, text and other activities creating strange rituals.

Tom Cassani is a Performance Artist and Liar. Tom has trained in sleight of hand, misdirection and prestidigitation and now use these skills of deceit as an artistic framework to explore truth, honesty, manipulation and fabrication.

Richard McDougall is an established magician and theatre artist, who has recently been working as part of Breathe Magic, an organisation using magic to improve physical and mental health for people with a range of conditions.

Vincent Gambini is a Brighton-based magician working on combining magic with a deconstructive approach to theatre and illusion. Critically acclaimed shows include This Is Not a Magic Show and The Chore of Enchantment

Important information

Age guidance: 14+


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21 May

07:30 pm


Masthead image: © Hugo Glendinning

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