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Curated by Caroline Fisher Projects

Littoral Workshop

Tuesday 14 May, 4.00pm–Wednesday 15 May, 10.00am

The Potters Arms

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Tickets: £20.00 - £40.00

Join artist Emily Stapleton-Jefferis in this three hour workshop, following her process, you’ll make your own drawings and ceramic sculpture inspired by coastal rock pools.

Please wear suitable clothes/ bring along your own apron. This workshop is designed for all levels: Emily will share drawing and clay techniques suitable for everyone.

Taking coastal rock pools as a starting point, Emily dives into their fractal worlds; discovering the intricate relationships that lie within, looping and folding back on themselves. These life cycles, metamorphoses and symbioses serve as a lesson on the limitations of individualism, and as the inspiration for Littoral.

Through this research Emily descends back to our watery beginnings and uncovers the materiality we share with marine species. Sponge like creatures living 750 million years ago are the organisms from which humans and all other animals evolved. Human bones contain calcium carbonate (chalk), the same material many marine species use to build their skeletons.

The work, Littoral, also gives us pause to reflect on our current impact on many marine species, such as the dissolution and mutation of their skeletons through Co2 induced acidification of the ocean.

Littoral was first shown in 2023 as part of ‘We Danced Until There Was Nothing Left’, Open School East, Margate, curated with Maggie Matic.

It is recreated for the Norfolk & Norwich Festival by Caroline Fisher Projects and the artist.

Important information

Venue: The Potters Arms

Age guidance: 8+

Duration: 3 hours

Accessibility: Not suitable for deaf/ hard of hearing as instructions for the workshop will be given orally by the artist. The event is suitable for people with visual impairment and wheelchair users. Assistance dogs allowed.

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Tickets: £40.00

Essential Companions: Any audience member requiring an essential carer/companion can get one free ticket. Relevant discounts or concessions still apply to the paid ticket.

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14 May

04:00 pm

£20.00 - £40.00


15 May

10:00 am

£20.00 - £40.00

Image: Macro Fungi Spore sculpting workshop, All Things Fungi Festival, Sussex, 2023. Photographer: Annabel King Photography

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