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Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures

Nara to Norwich: an afternoon of discussions and presentations

Saturday 25 May, 2.00pm

The Forum

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The origins of Buddhism and Christianity are found in south and west Asia respectively, but both religions spread in the centuries following the deaths of their founders finding new centres of faith in central Asia and southern Europe under the Kushan (1st–3rd centuries AD), Roman (27 BC–5th century AD) and Han empires (206 BC–AD 220). It was from these regions that the religions were then taken further, to the edges of Asia and Europe—to Nara and Norwich.

This afternoon of talks and discussions will focus on the themes of the project Nara to Norwich: Arts and Beliefs at the Ends of the Silk Roads, AD 500–1000 – an international, collaborative research project that aims to explore the Silk Roads beyond their current limits of the Chinese and post-Roman worlds. This is in association with the exhibition held at The Forum Monday 20th – Saturday 25th May on the same theme.

This event forms part of the Japan in Norwich programme, celebrating 25 years of the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures.

Important information

Venue: The Forum

Duration: 3 hours

This event takes place in The Auditorium inside The Forum.

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25 May

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