Posters Pamphlets and Other Paraphernalia

Creative Individuals Norfolk #2

Posters Pamphlets and Other Paraphernalia

In 2020 Norfolk & Norwich Festival ran our first Creative Individuals Norfolk (CIN) initiative as a direct response to the Covid crisis. This initiative set out to support the professional practice of freelance creative individuals, who were some of the hardest hit in our creative community, and to respond to the powerful sense of collective responsibility which we felt in our communities during this crisis. We supported six creative individuals to work in communities across Norfolk, and details of the CIN #1 projects can be found here.

We are now seeking proposals from creative individuals and communities for CIN #2. This new initiative builds on what we’ve learnt through CIN #1, with an enhanced focus on community engagement, a clearer relationship to outcomes during the Festival, and a stronger critical focus.

Posters Pamphlets and Other Paraphernalia (PPP) is a strand of work for our 250th Festival in 2022. We are interested in the historic role of posters and pamphlets in public discourse and communication. We want to support communities who have ‘something to say’ about the world we live in, and who are interested in working with creative individuals to ‘amplify their voice’ by creating print paraphernalia as a means to reach a wide public audience.

Applications for Posters Pamphlets and Other Paraphernalia have now closed, we shall publish information about the successful projects in due course.

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Creative Individuals Norfolk #2: Posters Pamphlets and Other Paraphernalia is made possible thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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