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Past Festivals

Past Festivals

Take a look back at some of the highlight shows from previous Festivals.

Black and White Image of St Andrew's Plain, Norwich. Taken in 1910.

History of the Festival

We can date our origins back to 1772, when a fundraising concert for the new Norfolk and Norwich Hospital was held at Norwich Cathedral. 16 years later a four-day Festival took place at St Peter Mancroft and St Andrew’s Hall.

In 1824 the Norfolk & Norwich Triennial was founded, and it wasn’t until the late 1980s that the Festival became an annual event.

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Norfolk & Norwich Festival brings tens of thousands of people together in celebration – it has been doing this for nearly 250 years. Through our arts education work, we lead and support celebration, creativity and curiosity in communities across Norfolk.

2021 offers hope for the creative sector, and as an arts charity, we are redoubling our efforts to share meaningful art and cultural experiences with people across Norfolk. We rely on support from our audiences, partners and supporters to continue to bring innovative and inspirational programming and commissioning to the region, and to empower those who might not otherwise have access to the life-changing power of the arts. Find out more about how you can support us, as an individual or as an organisation below.

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